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With the world in chaos it can feel unnatural to focus on your bright future and passions. Your focus and attention of thoughts and feelings are how we create our new world together. It's actually a perfect time for you to get clear what really matters to you in all areas of your life and focus on them, because it's your vision and feelings for the future that is helping to create our new world. Humanity needs you to create and embody your life vision to add to the collective's intention for a better world, rather than have others who don't really care making decisions for you. You and your vision matter!


I'm Ready to Create

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To get an idea of what you have to look forward to, let me guide you through what REALLY MATTERS to YOU in regards to love! Look below for a list of all 14 lessons that you will cover and more information on the course.


My Life Matters


The quality of your life and the world will improve

You will live your life with more flow, happiness, harmony, and love

You will live your mission and more authentically

Your Life Vision Course for Sensitives: What to Expect

Your Life Vision will elevate your consciousness, deepen your self-understanding, and clarify what living an extraordinary, high-vibe life would look and feel like for you. This class shows you where to spend your time and energy and how to focus on creating the life and world you want so you aren't wandering aimlessly and letting others make those important decisions for you.

At the beginning of each video I will guide you through a meditation that will help you be grounded and expanded to make the most of each lesson!

Session 1: Your Character & Your Personal Growth

Session 2: Your Love Relationships & Your Social Relationships

Session 3: Your Adventures & Your Environments

Session 4: Your Career & Your Professional Growth

Session 5: Your Self-Care & Your Family and/or Parenting Life

Session 6: Your Spiritual Life & Your Creative Life

Session 7: Your Community & Your Legacy

In each category we will cover:

  1. Your beliefs about the category
  2. Your vision
  3. Why this is important to you
  4. Strategies to achieve your vision

Each of these categories interacts with the others, positively influencing one and another. 

At the end of this course, there is powerful guided visualization (quantum leap) to help anchor your visions into your subconscious mind.

Sign me up, I'm ready to design my life!

Your Instructor is Marilyn O'Malley

Marilyn O’Malley is a certified Life Coach, Ascension Guide, Intuitive, Healer and Leader working with Sensitives and Starseeds. She has helped thousands around the world positively transform their lives through healing their traumas, living their passions, and fulfilling their mission to humanity and the planet while feeling worthy, wealthy, free, empowered and turned on to this life in their bodies. 

She has overcome the challenges most Sensitives and Starseeds face daily and is sharing her wisdom and expertise to empower them to live their highest potential and co-create the New World -- because the world needs their SuperPowers right NOW!

With over 20 years as a life coach and 40 years in holistic health professions, Marilyn has been a pioneer in the best practices for awakening and ascending Sensitives. She has a large collection of tools that are practical, mystical and based in science to help you to get to the root of your challenges and support your personal and professional evolution in mind, body and spirit.

Marilyn and her partner Jeff are building their dream home in Santa Barbara, CA, traveling to interesting and beautiful places, and creating fun and loving experiences with friends, family, and their dog Bodhi. She is an artist, avid learner, nature lover, animal whisperer and gardener. 

"If you wish to know yourself to a greater degree and to live your life more fully and consciously, this course is just for that and so much more. Your Life Vision is full of thought-provoking questions and topics that will stir your heart and light up your mind. I began to experience growth right away in the first module as I went through my characteristics and beliefs about myself. I have been able to see myself more deeply and clearly. The writing prompts will draw out your deepest desires and help you choose where you need to put your attention. Marilyn teaches that we have the ability to see what it is we really want to create in our life and to not leave it to chance and random thinking, but instead to know that deciding and creating what you want in life, and then going for it, empowers you to live your deepest dreams and desires. The centering meditations Marilyn created and presents at the beginning of the classes are wonderful and grounding and bring so much light into my day. They literally change my outlook on my whole day so that I go out into the world feeling calm, empowered and centered. This course is filled with so much passion, joy and love that motivates and inspires. Every detail Marilyn brings to this course is thoughtful, authentic, meaningful, passionate, educated, enlightened and is an amazing resource for a highly sensitive person or otherwise. "


Your Life Is Waiting For You To Create It!


"Taking the Life Vision Course gave me the opportunity to see myself and my life in a way I wasn't able to before. It expanded my vision way beyond anything I expected. Now I have a clear vision of all areas of my life going forward and I've constructed a plan I can use to achieve it. The idea that the vision course covers all areas of my life (literally the entire life) is just brilliant because after taking it I have a clear understanding of what my harmonious life will look like as a whole. The questions Marilyn asked and had me consider were really mind-opening and uncomfortable at times, but so important for my personal growth. Thank you so much for a wonderful course because I now have direction and I'm excited for my future. I can see it! "

Anastasia Franio

"Marilyn's course completely changed my life. I learned what is important to me and how I want to live my life. It reminded me that I have choices and I get to decide what I want and what I need! Taking the time to ponder the different areas of my life made me feel stronger, braver, and more confident in who I was and my own special abilities. I am immensely grateful to her-- I started taking art classes, standing up for myself in relationships, and valuing myself in the ways I deserve to be valued. Thank you, Marilyn!"

Kayla G.
Student, Sensitive, and Starseed

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